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July 20, 2014


The boarding-house stands in village Bystrá, which is situated at the foot of the Low Tatras, 3 km from tourism center Tále, 3 km from ski center in Mýto pod Ďumbierom, 12 km from district town Brezno. It is surrounded by virginal nature of the Low Tatras.

The village of Bystrá is originated in the area of Horná Lehota, near the mines. First mention is dated in 1563. Till 1848 this village belonged to the mining association. During 18. and 19. century there was a workshop, which processed iron imported from Hronec, Tisovec and Pohronska Polhora. In 18. and 19. century, its inhabitants have worked mostly in metalworks in Podbrezová. In 1912 there was born a writer František Švantner in Bystrá. Nowdays, its character is changing to more recreational and its importance has risen after opening Bystrianska Cave to the public.

Bystrianska Cave is the biggest dripstone cave in the southern part of the Low Tatras. It consists of crooked tunnels in three levels. It has nice wax-yellow décor shaped as flowstone curtains. On the present there is established a sanatorium in the cave for treating respiration illnesses. The operating parameter of the cave is 650 meters long. The village lies in the actual protected territory of NAPANT where extended accommodation and catering establishments, cableways and sky-lifts are establish

The Low Tatras

The mountain range Low Tatras stretches between the upper flow of rivers Váh and Hron. It is a part of mountain range Karpaty. The Low Tatras border Liptovská fold in the north and Horehronie in the south. The length of the range is approximately 80 km and width around 30 km.

Three best-known peaks have divided Low Tatras into three areas: western part – massif of Prašivá (1754m), central part - Ďumbierske Tatry, where the highest peak of the range, Ďumbier (2043), is situated and eastern part - Kráľovohoľské Tatry with dominating Kráľova hoľa (1948 m).

The most popular place for hiking (probably because of glacial relief) is the central part of the Low Tatras. This is the part where the highest peak of the range, Ďumbier, is situated. The best known vale is Demänovská dolina.

Chopok, Ďumbier and Kráľova hoľa are the most frequently visited peaks. From Ďumbier, the highest peak, there is an exquisite view of the other parts of the Low Tatras, Liptov, the Western Tatras, the High Tatras, Horehronie, Slovenské Rudohorie and other mountain ranges of Slovakia. Chopok, one of the peaks of the Low Tatras, is the tourism and ski center, mainly because of its easy accessibility.


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